SCORE, a signature program of the Foundation, is a fun and engaging way to support students’ physical, social-emotional and academic outcomes by meaningfully recognizing and acknowledging their positive behaviors displayed and developed in and out of the classroom.

The SCORE program rewards students through an exciting and unique set of Sixers branded swag items and experiences that were identified by a focus group of students, teachers and PBIS teams. From autographed memorabilia, to Sixers “gear,” to visits and lunch parties with the Sixers Dunk Squad, to a few other “surprise” experiences, students as well as teachers and school leaders will have the chance to SCORE.

Over 1,100 middle school students are participating in the SCORE program. Students also receive a personal journal to track their SCORE “points” earned, as well as their water intake, exercise, eating and sleeping habits. Complementing the journal and incentives are a series of educational videos highlighting important lessons around healthy habits, as well as a series of lesson plans that are available on the Sixers Youth Foundation website in the Resource Library.

Program Partners

School District of Philadelphia Office of Climate and Safety
Camden City School District Student Equity Initiatives & School Climate Strategy

Program Sites


H.B. Wilson School
2250 S. 8th Street Camden, NJ 08104


John F. Hartranft School
720 W. Cumberland Street Philadelphia, PA 19133
William Dick School
2498 W. Diamond Street Philadelphia, PA 19121
William T. Tilden Middle School
6601 Elmwood Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19142


  • In support of the NBA’s health and wellness platform, the Sixers Youth Foundation hosted basketball clinics for children across Philadelphia and Camden throughout NBA FIT Week which spanned Jan. 17 – Jan. 25....

  • On November 4th, the Sixers Youth Foundation hosted a kick-off celebration for their signature S.C.O.R.E. program at KIPP Lanning Square Middle School in Camden, NJ. SCORE (Sixers Creating Opportunities, Resources, and Encouragement for Youth) is an intensive youth development program stressing the importance of healthy behaviors, while also supporting students’ social and emotional development....

  • On November 4th, the Sixers Youth Foundation hosted a kick-off celebration for their signature S.C.O.R.E. program at KIPP Lanning Square Middle School in Camden, NJ....

  • The School District of Philadelphia launched its #AttendanceHero initiative on Tuesday at John F. Hartranft School as the Sixers Youth Foundation and key community influencers were on-hand. #AttendanceHero is designed to encourage students to attend class and improve attendance rates across all Philadelphia public schools.......

  • Students from HB Wilson in Camden, New Jersey launched this year’s SCORE program in a unique way with a nutrition lesson taught by Philadelphia 76ers Executive Chef JaeHee Cho. Fifteen students in total, ranging from grades six through eight, visited IBX Live in Center City Philadelphia on October 10 where they received an interactive and hands-on nutrition lesson focused on eggs and the role they can play in their diet. ...

  • Yesterday, the Sixers Youth Foundation launched the 2017 – 2018 SCORE program with an audience of more than 150 students at the William Dick School in North Philadelphia. The high energy kick-off led by the Sixers Dunk Squad and members of the William Dick staff,......

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